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About Us

REAL ESTATE INTERNATIONAL PORTFOLIO is an international real estate and consulting firm based in the Dominican Republic, specialized in International Real Estate and in providing financial solutions for housing projects around the globe; in alliance with private capital investors, we serve as a liaisons to place their investing capital in feasible housing  projects.

We work countless hours to provide our clients the best services with the best outcome in accomplishing our goals to meet our client's needs. Working with our partners and different financing groups, we secure lending programs that can best fit our clients’ needs through our financial specialists. We help our clients prepare project documentation required for lender's funding consideration. Such as executive summaries, translations ,financial statements and project analysis. We provide legal, management and financial support through the entire transaction.

We are a top-notch firm base on integrity, honesty and loyalty; we are dedicated and focused on providing our clients the best solution utilizing our extensive global distribution network.


Our company was founded with the declared purpose in providing the best services that would garner recognition in the global market. The impetus for this drive was a deep sense of duty to help advance infrastructure, social impact, better the economy and new level of live.
We are a company with a combined experience in the international commerce for almost 20 years, providing satisfaction, assurance and professionalism to our clients.

In all our business operations, we strive to play an integral role in our services, sharing knowledge and working to create new value to help people around the world obtain their dream home, and create an impact in society.

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